Oct 17, 2013

Halloween: 2013

Every year I have a lot of AWESOME ideas for Halloween costumes, most of which do not come to fruition, but I feel they deserve some attention.

Halloween Costume Idea 1: this guy. I'd probably opt for the casual white suit with red shoes/tie combo, if not the fur coat. I've always thought fur set off my natural frizzy hair.

Halloween Costume Idea 2: these girls. Yah. I want to be a fox. Wearing a waiter outfit. Yelling "kakakakaka koo koo".

Halloween Costume Idea 3: this guy. Of course I would be "Sexy Sax Woman". And I'd wear a shirt.

Those are my best ideas for now. Keep posted for more.

Sep 3, 2013

Labor Day

I like to declare "NEW TRADITION!" out loud when we do something as a family I think should be a new tradition, but we've actually only done it once, so it doesn't exactly meet the definition of "tradition", in hopes it will stick.

And once it actually worked. 

Last Labor Day we traveled up Emigration Canyon and had brunch on the patio of Ruth's Diner. It was one of the best meals of my life (french fries from HEAVEN I tell you, and yes, I know french fries aren't traditionally a brunch food, whatever). So I declared "THIS IS A NEW TRADITION!" And then when we went up this year on Memorial Day, thinking that was actually the traditional day, then I declared "COMING TO RUTH'S DINER ON MEMORIAL DAY AND LABOR DAY IS CHENEY FAMILY TRADITION!" And since there is a nice echo in the canyons, I had hope once again that the tradition would stick.

And it did. Like Mile High Biscuits to honey. Or butter. Or better yet, honey butter.

And now we drag along Jonny boy who always manages to get out of the 45 minute wait for a table through some clever excuse but we pretend not to notice because Sis loves to sit on his lap so much. Also, he was actually only late once. And he ran 15 miles. Or so he claims.

Aug 20, 2013

Kindergarten?!? Really??!?!

Things that make you feel old:

  1. Having children
  2. Turning 31
  3. Having children and turning 31
  4. Having a child who is going to kindergarten and turning 31
  5. Trying to coordinate babysitting schedules for a child that is going to kindergarten and turning 31
In other news, brother and sister are still adorable. See below for proof.

Sep 21, 2012

A little friday fun

Well world wide interweb friends, it's time to post a little baby love. Just for fun. Just because I feel like it. This pic (see below) is little baby bumpkin Cyrus on his blessing day. I post this because....

Is it just me or do they look alike? This is Miss Charlotte in all of her chub-o-hub glory. 

And here is a pic of them together. It's not the best pic, but I've learned that when you have two children, well, there just isn't going to be a cute pic with both children looking cute/smiling/looking directly at the camera/no blurriness/hair combed, etc. Geez. I am their mother after all.

And just because it's the "last day of summer" (whatever that means) I post this pic of summer....

Don't these thighs just scream "summer!!"? Well, at least they remind me of s'mores on the neighbor's lawn, and that's summer enough.

Happy friday. May your thighs always be chubby.

Sep 11, 2012

My Favorite Consignment Sale: Hilltop UMW Children And Maternity Sale

It's that time of year again, time to get my sale on. The Hilltop Methodist Consignment Sale, or the "Kid Sale" as I affectionally call it, is coming up. Today I went through all the kid's (you know, because I have two) clothes and prepped all of their fall clothes in preparation for the big day. If you're in Utah, and you love a sale, you should be there. Really.

What: Hilltop UMW Children’s and Maternity Sale
When: September 28 & 29, 2012; Friday: 9am – 8pm; Saturday: 8am – 2pm
Where: The Hilltop United Methodist Church
985 East 10600 South
Sandy, UT 84094
Why: It’s the best way to clothe your children and pregnant belly. Not to mention a great and cheap way to snag toys and books. Seriously. It’s the best.

Also, because I haven't posted an updated photo of the kids (again, because I have two), here you go:

Jan 14, 2012

Your mom called...no really, your mom.

It is all I can do not to respond to every Facebook update I see using the phrase "Your mom....."

For instance, a friend wrote "Lansing Ward potluck tomorrow. The theme is "Soups and Breads". Bring your favorite soup or bread. Hope you see you there!!"
I want to reply: " Your mom is a soup and bread." or "Your mom is a potluck".
Another update from a friend "off to Moab for the weekend with liz and a yurt." My (desired but not actually written) reply: "Your mom is as yurt."
Sometimes in real life I forget that there is no "Edit > Undo" function. Example: last Sunday when I was participating in an object lesson in RS. A few of us sisters were standing in a circle using our hands to hold pieces of yarn the RS Prez was winding around- you know, demonstrating how connected we were....Well, my ladyfriend standing next to me said "My piece of yarn is loose." My response? "Your mom is loose". What's particularly awesome about this example is that I found out about 30 minutes later that her mom was starting chemo the next day- so probably not the best time for a your mom joke- or maybe the best time for a your mom joke, it's hard to tell.

Jan 8, 2012


  • I still have toothpicks and plastic spoons leftover from our wedding. It cost less to buy a gross of plastic spoons for the gelato than the amount we actually needed, hence, we still have spoons. As for the toothpicks, I'm pretty sure they're like matches and you only have to buy one box a lifetime. 
  • I'm still confident there are ten babies in my uterus.
  • Have you ever had this before?

It's essentially peanut butter but instead of being made of peanuts it's made of biscoff cookies. De-light-ful. Buy some today.

Nov 19, 2011

Friday Night Ponderings

  • I feel like there are ten babies stuffed inside my uterus.
  • I suspect my panel pants also feel like there are ten babies stuffed inside my uterus.
  • I suspect I look like there are ten babies stuffed inside my uterus.

Nov 8, 2011

I made these little lovelies for dinner tonight, and they were delicious. I may, or may not, have eaten three of them. In unrelated news, I'm sporting some new pants as of late:

Oh yah, you can go ahead and call me panel pants for the next 15+ weeks. 

Sep 25, 2011


"That thing is getting huge!"
-Cyrus, regarding my belly


Aug 26, 2011

Food Drive- oh yah.

Hello Faithful Reader-

Our chiropractic & massage biznass is sponsoring a food drive (in partnership with a local Eagle Scout Project- good work Dylan!) benefiting the Utah Food Bank.  If you didn't see the recent article on KSL regarding the recent woes of a long summer of empty shelves at the Utah Food Bank, you can check it out HERE.

Balanced Health will donate a new patient chiropractic visit to the first 100 participants who bring a bag of non-perishable food items to our Midvale locale: 7200 S. State St (on the northwest corner- in the same shopping center as Shane Co. Jewelers- you know the place).

Check out the supa-cool poster below for all the needed info. Don't be a hater- be a donate-r!  (hahahaha, I just came up with that! seriously! how do i do it?!?)

P.S. Feel free to invite one and all. The more the merrier, as they say.

Jul 15, 2011


sometimes there are moments in mom-hood when you find yourself thinking "this couldn't possibly be happening to me." one of the aforementioned moments happened this week at lowe's when cyrus, not quite as recovered from the flu as i thought, looked at me and said in the middle of the plumbing section the worst words a mom can hear: "i'm gonna throw up.".  being a natural quick thinker, i pushed the kid toward a stack of 5 gallon buckets, on sale for $3.97 a piece.  "throw up there", i said, which was met by a quizzical look of "are you crazy lady?" followed promptly by the promised action.

of course the next part was the point where "this couldn't possibly be happening to me" popped to my mind, as I grabbed the 5 gallon bucket, and wandered around looking for someone in a blue vest, to whom i explained my predicament. "um, my son threw up in this bucket, and could i, like, buy it or something, and then like throw it away somewhere?".  thank you to the nice lowe's associate who just whisked the bucket away and was nice enough not to say anything else.

and on that note, have a good weekend...or h.a.g.w.

every night

The last thing Cyrus says to us each night before we leave his room:

"Close the door quietly.  Always quietly."

Jun 28, 2011


so lately i have been spending a lot of time moving the better part of a 5000 doorhangers for the biznass from their comfy home in a box next to my bed, to various doors around the midvale/sandy/murray area. yah, you read that right, five thousand doorhangers. just me and kid (ok so sometimes mi familia helps) going door-to-door the old fashioned way.

why would i think you, my loyal reader, would care about this? well, you probably won't, but i have made the following list nonetheless:

doorhangin': what you need to know

  • dirrrty: most people have really, really dirty doors. like it's pretty ridiculous. here's an idea: if you spill diet coke down your front door in a series of unfortunate accidents, maybe you should wipe it off instead of letting it fester for the better part of a decade. my solution? baby wipes! they really are great door cleaners and your door will smell like a baby's bum, so it's pretty much a win-win-win. yep, that's a free cleaning tip! thanks, obama!
  • soliciting, shmiliciting: there's as many varieties of "no soliciting" signs as there are ugly doormats (which there is an amazing amount of, friends). pre-made sign? check. self-cut vinyl letters applied at an angle? check. a 'no soliciting' sign written in 10 pt. font? check. but my personal favorite comes from a house in midvale, ut. i would have taken a picture if it wasn't infinitely creepy to take pictures of peoples front windows. it read "Attention Solicitors: I am nine months pregnant and unless you are selling something that will make child birth easier, don't knock on my door." that, my friends, is a win!
  • cigs: people can get pretty creative about how to store those used cigarette butts; none of them are good.
  • beware of dog: i'd estimate that if a person sports a ceramic dog on their front porch, there is about a 99% chance they own a dog.
  • meanies: i've also learned that if you convince your sis-in-law kare-kare to come and help take around a doorhanger or two, and then give her a 10 minute pep talk about how no one's ever been mean to you about placing a doorhanger on their door, the fourth door she approaches will indeed have a meanie there who says, rudely "why would I want this crap!"....hahahahahah. that's still making me laugh. sorry kare-kare.
welp, there you have it. an entire post about doorhangers!