Sep 3, 2013

Labor Day

I like to declare "NEW TRADITION!" out loud when we do something as a family I think should be a new tradition, but we've actually only done it once, so it doesn't exactly meet the definition of "tradition", in hopes it will stick.

And once it actually worked. 

Last Labor Day we traveled up Emigration Canyon and had brunch on the patio of Ruth's Diner. It was one of the best meals of my life (french fries from HEAVEN I tell you, and yes, I know french fries aren't traditionally a brunch food, whatever). So I declared "THIS IS A NEW TRADITION!" And then when we went up this year on Memorial Day, thinking that was actually the traditional day, then I declared "COMING TO RUTH'S DINER ON MEMORIAL DAY AND LABOR DAY IS CHENEY FAMILY TRADITION!" And since there is a nice echo in the canyons, I had hope once again that the tradition would stick.

And it did. Like Mile High Biscuits to honey. Or butter. Or better yet, honey butter.

And now we drag along Jonny boy who always manages to get out of the 45 minute wait for a table through some clever excuse but we pretend not to notice because Sis loves to sit on his lap so much. Also, he was actually only late once. And he ran 15 miles. Or so he claims.

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Amander N said...

I like that you institute traditions. I think I should be a part of them. All of them. All the time.